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What does the Hepatitis B Foundation UK do?

Raises awareness about the treatment and management of chronic hepatitis B. Just Diagnosed Information

Raises awareness about the need for our 7 million citizens at risk to obtain their Hepatitis B Safety Tests & Vaccinations

Offers advice and information to individuals with HBV infection or to their families and friends, providing a 'bespoke' service by phone/email/post. HBV Tests Explained Service

Facilitates networking between patients and/or families affected by HBV infection, putting people in touch with others for support and sharing of experiences.

Campaigns to secure the best possible services in the UK for the prevention of HBV infection, including universal immunisation.

Campaigns to secure the best possible services in the UK for the management of hepatitis B virus-related liver diseases, including liver cancer.

Why is the Hepatitis B Foundation UK needed?

People in general need to be aware of the ways in which HBV is transmitted and the possible outcomes of initial infection. It is vital to raise public awareness of the key role of immunisation in preventing HBV transmission.

In Rising Curve: Chronic Hepatitis B Infection in the UK, Hepatitis B Foundation UK estimates that there are around 326,000 people with chronic HBV infection in the UK.

People with chronic HBV infection and their families may feel isolated and afraid. They may be concerned about the risk of liver damage and anxious about passing on the virus to other people. They may assume that treatment will be required and worry if no treatment is offered.

So people with chronic HBV infection, their families and health professionals, all need accurate information about possible disease progression, factors affecting treatment decisions and the treatment options available.

Building support networks

People with hepatitis B infection can find it very helpful to make contact with someone else who has the same condition. Likewise, families and friends of people with hepatitis B infection may wish to discuss their experiences with others in similar situations. The Hepatitis B Foundation UK is working to help build these support networks. For more information, please click on the relevant sections of our website News page and visit the Networking section of our Message Boards.

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